Online articles

Past publications

Test vectors for STUN
IETF Informational RFC.
Network Address Translation (NAT) Behavioral Requirements for DCCP
IETF Best Current Practices RFC.
UDP-Encapsulated Transport Protocols
IETF Experimental individually-submitted draft.
Connection setup negociation for the Message Session Relay Protocol
IETF Experimental individually-submitted draft.
A Survey of Protocols to Control Network Address Translators and Firewalls
IETF Informational individually-submitted draft, co-authored with Lars Eggest, Pasi Sarolahti, Vlad Stirbu & Hannes Tschofenig

Conference presentations

N900 and oFono
N900 cellular architecture, relation to oFono project.
Presented at Maemo Summit 2009, Amsterdam, NL.