Remlab is my modest twentieth century-style home page. It is focused on open-source software development and open networking protocol standards.

Originally created as Remlab.net in 2005, this site continues to serve as the official home for the following open-source projects:

VLC YTDL plug-in
A semi-official VLC plugin to integrate yt-dlp.
VLC PipeWire plug-in
An unofficial VLC plugin to output audio to PipeWire.
ndisc6, tcptraceroute6, etc
A small collection of IPv6 diagnostic tools including IPv6 replacements of arping (ndisc6) and tcptraceroute (tcptraceroute6).

About me

With twenty years experience in the development of the renowed open-source VLC media player, I have been involved in a variety of topics and VLC components, notably:

Legal contact

Remlab Tmi
Y-tunnus: 2688301-6
Contact: Rémi Denis-Courmont
Address: Länsituuli 10, B/43 - 02100 Tapiola Finland