PipeWire plug-in for VLC

This stand-alone open-source plug-in for the VLC media player provides seamless integration with PipeWire inside the VLC media player and LibVLC-based applications.


We recommend downloading the latest sources from Git (see below). If you prefer to source tarballs, you can find them here.


To install from your distribution or package repository, please check their respective instructions. To install from the sources, please refer to the README file within the source tree.

Note well

Any active VLC instance (or other LibVLC application) must be restarted to detect the newly installed plug-in.


The plugin is entirely automated. It will replace the PulseAudio (or ALSA or JACK) module if PipeWire is present in the user session.

Known issues

Output device selection inoperative
The list of output devices should be correct but selecting a different device is known not to work. This is a known limitation of current Pipewire versions (at the time of writing, version 0.3.50), whereby Pipewire ignores the change of the relevant property.
No S/PDIF (and HDMI non-linear) pass-through
This is not implemented yet.
Occasional glitches at start-up
This is a known issue in VLC version 3 (and earlier) and more or less affects all audio outputs though ALSA, JACK and Pipewire outputs seem more prone to it than PulseAudio. This should be fixed in VLC version 4.