Miredo: Teredo IPv6 tunneling for Linux and BSD

Miredo is an open-source Teredo IPv6 tunneling software, for Linux and the BSD operating systems. It includes functional implementations of all components of the Teredo specification (client, relay and server). It is meant to provide IPv6 connectivity even from behind NAT devices. For more informations, please refer to the introduction.


05th June 2021 - teredo.remlab.net rerouted to TREX
For the time being, teredo.remlab.net will alias the public Teredo server provided by the TREX regional exchange in the Finnish city of Tampere. Miredo clients may need to be restarted for the change to take effect, and thus Teredo connectivity to be restored.
04th June 2021 - teredo.remlab.net suspended indefinitely
The default Miredo configuration uses teredo.remlab.net as Teredo server. As of today, the server has been terminated permanently (without advance notice). Until/unless a new host voluntarily steps up to replace it, the service will unfortunately remain unavailable.
23rd May 2013 - Miredo 1.2.6
This fixes compilation on some systems and adds locale support for simplified Han Chinese.